Cigarette City

In the state of Virginia, and the city of Richmond particularly, there is a historical yet ongoing bond between the tobacco industry and local prosperity.  In our modern age, we understand the hazards associated with any tobacco products.  It is difficult to find an advocate, even amongst smokers, who will sing the praises of tobacco use or the market associated with it.  Still, it is this market that has brought money and cultural development into the Richmond area.  Furthermore, ghosts of tobacco’s more respected past have lingered in the framework of the city.  Buildings long since repurposed still carry brand names and imagery associated with tobacco.  It seems that no matter what the current corporations or citizens want, it may never be possible to fully remove the marks left behind by an industry of death and addiction.  These marks are the focus of Cigarette City.  The series begins with images of the historical Lucky Strike factory located in the Tobacco Row region of Richmond.  It then focuses on the isolated and secure Phillip Morris compound.  Lastly the series presents images of Richmond citizens smoking in the city.